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Presentation of “” Portal

Presentation of “” Portal   A presentation of the new portal, developed by the Center for Economic Reform Analysis and Communication together with BP, was held. The main purpose of the portal creation is the reduction of the "communication distance" between agencies during the monitoring and evaluation of the Strategic Roadmaps and other state programs, as well as digitization, simplification, and provision of transparency of the monitoring and evaluation institute. Executive Director of the Center for Analysis of Economic Reforms and Communication (CAERC), PhD in economics Vusal Gasimli delivered an opening speech. He stated that the creation of electronic government and electronic court along with electronic monitoring systems ensures more efficient and prompt public administration. CAERC carries out monitoring, evaluation and communication measures regarding activities reflected in the Strategic Roadmaps, as well as of economy-oriented state programs. Also, upon the order of state agencies, Center within its authority monitors and evaluates the work carried out in industrial parks, districts and agroparks. V. Gasimli stated that the implementation of the reform process by digital platforms is the result of the Decrees of President Ilham Aliyev on the application of sustainable and best international practices and approaches. “As a result of monitoring and evaluation of realized state strategies, programs, and plans of actions, portal provides and opportunity to create a Big Database. On the other hand, by using the Database, portal provides the generation of reforms and ensures their monitoring. In the future, functional linkages between and portals will create a "smart circle". Thus, under the leadership of President Ilham Aliyev, a specific model for the management of economic reforms has been established in Azerbaijan. portal, as a monitoring institute of the CAERC, will have a positive impact on accelerating the reform process in the country along with enhancing its assessment, coordination and communication capabilities.” Afterward, BP Communications, external affairs, and strategy vice president Bakhtiyar Aslanbeyli expressed satisfaction with successful completion of CAERC and BP joint project on modernization of infrastructure of electronic monitoring and evaluation. “BP has always been committed to supporting the country's economic diversification. We are proud to support this project, which we believe will contribute to the sustainable economic development of Azerbaijan” It should be mentioned that the launch of the electronic portal will create the opportunity for coordinating the monitoring and evaluation process by basing on the principles of accountability, transparency, flexibility, objectivity, rule of law, effective decision-making and good governance. Such governance is, first and foremost, serves to promoting fair representation, reducing bureaucratic procedures, and considering the needs of society. The initiation of such a portal will ensure the accuracy, completeness, reliability and free access of the information provided through the electronic platform, and will minimize the time spent on the exchange of information. On the other hand, the wide-scope application of modern technologies in the country will facilitate the increase of efficiency of state bodies activities, establishment of effective, transparent, controllable public administration and local self-government, the involvement of citizens to active participation in the process of public administration and reform. Analysts of the Center for Analysis of Economic Reforms and Communication Yusif Safarov and Ayaz Museyibov made a presentation on monitoring and evaluation software. They stated that the portal institutionalizes the monitoring and evaluation process, digitizes the reform process, improves coordination and communication order, increases accountability, transparency, and efficiency. Also, the portal fully covers the processes of implementation, monitoring, evaluation, coordination, and communication. The participants of the event were provided with detailed information on the functionality of the co-ordinating, implementing agencies and monitoring team in accordance with the monitoring mechanism of the portal. Moreover, the CAERC analysts told that the use of a portal would minimize the time spent on the exchange of information, create real-time reporting and performance analysis capabilities, and increase the quality of monitoring and evaluation. The representatives of the Center for Analysis of Economic Reforms and Communication stated that they plan to conduct meetings and training with state agencies regarding the software.
Buro haqqinda

Discussion on the Strategic Roadmap for Development of Financial Services

Discussion on the Strategic Roadmap for Development of Financial Services     The Center for Analysis of Economic Reforms and Communication hosted the discussion on the Strategic Roadmap for Development of Financial Services in the Republic of Azerbaijan.  During the discussions, the following issues were analyzed: the status of the implementation of planned and ongoing measures, the difficulties encountered in this process, as well as the possibility of accelerating the implementation of tasks. Vusal Gasimli, the Executive Director of the Center for Analysis of Economic Reforms and Communication, noted that for achieving goals set by 2020, mentioned that it is planned to implement measures on 6 strategic targets and 16 strategic priorities. The targets include measures in the areas of restructuring and capitalization of banks, improving assets, developing the insurance market, enhancing financial inclusion, developing capital and the money market, creating favorable conditions for market participants, developing credit information exchange systems, and creating working mechanisms for ensuring provision of rights of lenders, standardizing court decisions and improving procedural arrangements, and other. V. Gasimli mentioned successful and timely achievement of the tasks set. As a result of economic reforms carried out by the President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev, indicators of financial stability of banking systems have increased. Thus, the total capital adequacy ratio increased by almost three times compared to the end of 2016. Decree of the President of the Azerbaijan Republic "On additional measures related to the solution of problem loans of individuals in the Republic of Azerbaijan". On the other hand, the Decree "On additional measures related to the solution of problem loans of individuals in the Republic of Azerbaijan» created the conditions for increasing activity in the banking sector and laid a solid foundation for a substantial reduction in the portfolio of non-performing loans. As a result of the implemented measures and reforms in the post-crisis period, a record 4% decrease in non-performing loans was achieved. According to statistics, for the last 3 years in the country, the special weight of manat in relation to foreign currency increased 2.5 times in deposits of individuals, and the process of de-dollarization intensified.  

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