Azerbaijan's experience in monitoring and evaluation was presented at the international event.

  The Center for Economic Reform Analysis and Communication (CAERC) and the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) organized a webinar on “The role of monitoring and evaluation in improving public management: Case of Azerbaijan” as part of the Global Evaluation Week. It should be noted that the traditional international event "Glocal Evaluation Week" will be held from May 31 to June 4 with the support of the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) and the Global Evaluation Initiative. The main topic of discussion at the event was the role of monitoring and evaluation in overcoming the consequences of the COVID-19 pandemic in the global community and economies.

   Azerbaijan has also joined the initiative and shared the country's experience in building capacity in monitoring and evaluation to improve public administration. The meeting, co-chaired by Vusal Gasimli, Executive Director of the Center for Economic Reforms Analysis and Communication, and Alessandro Fracassetti, UNDP Resident Representative in Azerbaijan, was attended by more than 400 international experts, government officials and media representatives in the field of monitoring and evaluation. At the event, Vusal Gasimli made a presentation entitled "The role of monitoring and evaluation in improving public management: Case of Azerbaijan" and informed the participants about Azerbaijan's successful economic and management reforms, the Center's activities as a monitoring and evaluation institute. He praised the role of development partners, UNDP, the World Bank and others in building an advanced national evaluation system in Azerbaijan in a very short time and thanked UNDP experts for their support in developing the M&E methodologies, monitoring and evaluating Strategic Roadmaps. Vusal Gasimli praised the technical support provided by UNDP in the preparation of the Center's Strategic Action Plan and stressed the importance of continuing cooperation with the UN Development Program in the field of monitoring and evaluation. 

  UNDP Resident Representative Alessandro Fracassetti informed participants on the existing potential for monitoring and evaluation in Azerbaijan, the creation of a legal framework and institutional building, the preparation and publication of monitoring and evaluation reports on strategic roadmaps, and the adoption of monitoring and evaluation regulations of state programs.He also spoke about UNDP's support for building monitoring and evaluation capacity in the country, the launch of other strategic development documents and government program reports, and the future development prospects of the monitoring and evaluation sector in Azerbaijan and the benefits of improving public administration. During the discussions, presentations of local and international experts were demonstrated and discussions were held with representatives of the international audience on Azerbaijan's experience in the field of monitoring and evaluation.