ABOUT US / General information

Monitoring and Evaluation Group of the Center for  Analysis of  Economic Reforms and Communication conducts monitoring and evaluation of strategic roadmaps, government programs, action plans, economic promotion projects, as well as activities in industrial parks, neighborhoods and agroparks.

We also conduct risk analysis of economically oriented government programs and strategies, feasibility studies of economic incentive projects on the basis of government agencies' orders, and evaluates the economic effectiveness of government programs and public investment projects.

Our group has developed monitoring and evaluation management system to ensure timely and high-quality implementation of strategic roadmaps and other government programs, based on the experience of local and foreign experts, experienced experts, consulting companies, scientific organizations, international organizations operating in the country.

We carry out our monitoring and evaluation activities on a regular basis in the context of collaboration with coordinating and implementing agencies.



İnstitutionalize the execution, monitoring, evaluation, coordination and communication processes into a single platform



See institution of digital monitoring and evaluation as an e-government functionality


Our values

Adherence to high professional standards

Observe high ethical standards

Maintain customer confidence in the monitoring and evaluation process

Prefer the interests of statehood

Provide flexible coordination and communication

Ensure transparency of the monitoring and evaluation process

Strength Accountability